Our vision is to become a global proprietary company, which has achieved a sustainable profitability by manufacturing top quality products with an innovative approach, implementing the best manufacturing process and creating rational solutions. Our mission is to grow by manufacturing additional values for our society and nation without sacrificing ethical codes and quality.


Credibility: We implement our relations with our customers, suppliers and employees according to the principles including transparency, durability, positivity and honest. We trust them and expect that they trust us.
Customer satisfaction: Our purpose is to improve their efficiency with the help of services and solutions, which have been provided by us, and to make them achieve their target and grow in a short while. We make customer-focused business and we improve ourselves according to our customers’ needs.
Determined to achieve: our target is to always achieve the “better” one than that, which has already been achieved by us and our rivals, by aiming the best in all of our activity areas setting the standard for making a difference.
Innovation: we believe in power of innovation and always compete with ourselves. We always improve ourselves through training and thus, are accelerated.
Entrepreneurship: We always aim the “highest” and produce new ideas and business sectors.

Our customer is our boss. 

Providing additional value for our customers and satisfying their expectations with high quality and stability are our first priority. Our duty is to support our products after they have been sold and take the customer’s part

Our constant indispensible objective is to be the "best".

Our main objective is to be the best in quality and service provision and to maintain the public opinion that we have owned. Our basic principle is to undertake the management in the areas in which we are active and to be a leader in the market to achieve these objectives.

Our most important capital is our human resource. 

Quality of products and services depends on our employees’ qualification. Attracting and employing the best personnel and developed manpower to our group, benefiting from our employees’ abilities, power and creativity at maximum level, increasing their efficiency, facilitating their development and creating a business ambient in which cooperation and solidarity grows are the way that preferred by our Companies to maintain its sustainability for generations.

Our rule is to follow superior business ethics and honest business principles. 

Our principle is to act in a fair way for mutual benefits in our all relations with good intent and understanding and to obey the laws and ethical codes. We have another principle pioneered by us that we never give up is to fulfill our obligations for today’s people and next generations. We are obliged to act with the awareness of environmental protection and make this awareness common for Turkey.